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project 07. roastGems

city. Hong Kong

purpose. explore Hong Kong Roastery Gems

In Hong Kong,

we have many Roasters, well reputable, hidden, or new raise.

They pour their heart and passion into the coffee they roasted. 


This year, we had explore the local roasters, and we will show their vary roasting passion,

and their greatest "gem" to you by the ROASTGEM .


It is a monthly subscription plan.

For each month, you will received a "coffee box",

with bag of 100g roaster's pick coffee from different roasters,

also a booklet introduce the roaster, the coffee's flavor profile and tips to brew the coffee.


Our goal is to explore the Hong Kong roastery gems and their coffee with you.

Let the roaster bring you the beans they love at the moment,

with their roaster life stories behind, you may learn more about coffee itself.

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