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香港 2015 愛樂壓比賽

冠.亞.季軍訪問及 video 試範



AeroPress Championship

Winner's interview

& recipe video

Chan Tin Lok 陳天樂
Craft Coffee Roaster
1st Runner-up
Lam Yuet Sim 林遠嬋
Knockbox Coffee Company
2nd Runner-up
Nip Wai Lun 聶偉倫
My Little Coffee

2015 HK Aeropress championship FB page

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Date of Competition :

8th February 2015

Competition Venue :

The Coffee Academics


Address :

G/F, No 225 Wanchai Road,


2015 Hong Kong Aeropress Competition
香港第一屆 Aeropress Championship 定於 2015 年 2 月 8 日舉行。
由 The Coffee Academics 及 TATA Global Ltd 聯名贊助協辦比賽。
今次香港地區共有 36 位選手參加。
將會分為 12 組, 每組 3 位選手同時在8分鐘內以大會提供的咖啡豆,
使用 aeropress 沖煮不少於 200 ml 黑咖啡,然後放入大會指定cupping bowl。
由 3 位評審以 cupping 方式品評, 即時指出1杯優勝者進級。
如此類推, 直至冠軍誕生。
大會已於 1 月 26 日與 36 位舉行比賽簡佈會。
今次比賽豆由 The Coffee Academics 烘豆師 Ben Lam 主理。
每人獲發 1 包 200g 咖啡豆練習, 然後在指定日期內提交沖煮方法給大會。
優勝選手除可得豐富獎品外, 大會更會贊助冠軍前往美國西雅圖參加 2015 World Aeropress Championship。
Hong Kong 1st AeroPress Championship
The very first Hong Kong Aeropress Championship will be held on February 8, 2015,
co-sponsored and organized by The Coffee Acadmey and TATA.
This year, 36 competitors is joining Hong Kong District Competition.
They will be divided into 12 groups, each group of 3 competitiors will be using aeropress to brew the complusory coffee bean within 8 minutes, which not less than 200ml. The coffee will be filled in the cupping bowl for 3 judges to criticized and pointed the winner's cup. So and so, until the final winner is born.
On January 26, 2015, all competitors were having the briefing and received 200g complusory beans for practice, and will submitted their recipe before January 31, 2015. Complusory beans were roasted by Mr. Ben Lam, the roaster of The Coffee Acadmey. The winner will be represented Hong Kong to join The 2015 World Aeropress Championship at Seattle , U.S.
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