Mango Naoko,an illustrator moved from Japan to HongKong.
She graduated from Nihon University College of Art and
grew up in the family full of cat-lovers.
Mango says her thoughts by mingling around HongKong with her camera. She tries to trace the footprints of cats and
room for her imagination in this metropolitan.

Post Card- Colour Brown Coffee

  • In April 2014,she created another cat'scollection “Shinonomeow”and produced a series of products. Now Mango conducts watercolour workshop in HongKong regularly, as well as occasional workshop in Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka at Japan, through with everyone looking for the fun of life.

    ( A ) Colour Brown Coffee - Sai Kung Store Front ( Closed )

    ( B ) Colour Brown Coffee - Sai Kung Cafe Inside ( Closed )

    ( C ) Colour Brown Coffee - Jordan ( New Shop )

    All Price Subject HongKong Dollar.