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We are convinced that a sustainable development within our place of coffee market is depending on the comprehensive exchange and sharing of experiences and know-how. 


We need to share and learn from each other. 


For this very reason of experiment we get the opportunity to take a look at

Hong Kong roaster’s “interpretation“ of their coffees and can share their roasting philosophy to others.

The Roastgem Experimental Cup [REC] 2019 will be held on the 16th to the 18th in August.

[REC] structure:

  • 10 participants ( Micro Coffee Roaster )

  • 10 participants ( Production Line Coffee Roaster )

  • 3 Sensory Judges panel are selected from across the Hong Kong coffee industry and are engaged based on their outstanding industry knowledge and expertise.


All qualifier participants roasters will have to roast the provided coffee in line with their preference

and style on their roaster machine of choice. 

The participants and judges will be evaluated the roasted coffee by the cup-tasting method and will be tasted blind. 

The participant roaster that gets the highest total score will be rewarded the title “REC Best Roaster 2019“.


For the purpose of diversity, we will introduce Batch Brew session for public testing and voting.
The coffees will be evaluated by the coffee brewers method and will be tasted blind.

The highest score will be award “The Most Flavor Coffee“.

Roastgem Experimental Cup [REC]是一場令人期待的烘焙活動,



我們有很多咖啡烘豆師,在香港有很好的聲譽,隱藏或剛起步。 他們將自己的心機和熱情傾注在烘焙的咖啡中。

事實是公眾缺乏機會了解咖啡吧背後的重要角色 - 咖啡烘豆師。

[REC 2019]將於8月舉行,分享本地咖啡烘豆工藝和資訊的多樣性。



  • 10位烘豆師(小型咖啡烘焙)

  • 10位烘豆師(生產線咖啡烘焙)

  • 3名感官評審小組從香港咖啡行業挑選,並根據他們卓越的行業定位和專業知識進行邀請。



獲得最高總分的烘豆師將獲得“[REC] 2019 Best Roaster”。

為了多元化的目的,將通過 batch brew 方法進行評估公眾人仕參加品嚐會

最高分烘豆師被頒予“The Most Flavor Coffee”。




Roastgem Experimental Cup 2019

- Micro Roaster -

01. Pang Ho Yin

roasting machine: 佳樂比 600g

rosating philosophy:

Roasting is lonely but full of adventure


02. Anson Wong

roasting machine: Aillio Bullet R1

rosating philosophy: 

Coffee talks, my job is to translate their language into something beautiful.


03. Lau Tak Ming

roasting machine: Fuji Royal - Coffee Recovery

rosating philosophy: 



04. Yu Sui Fong Wendy

company: Wy Roaster Corner 

roasting machine: Proaster THCR-005

rosating philosophy:

Sweet very important.


05. Oshian AoIeong

company: Blooom coffee roaster (Macau)

roasting machine: Ikawa Pro

rosating philosophy: 

Explore the flavour possibilities with descent taste balance.


06. Tsai Chin Ming

company: San San coffee

roasting machine: 三豆客 R300 電熱

rosating philosophy:



07. Michael Tam

company: Cafe Sausalito

roasting machine: Allio bullet R1

rosating philosophy: 

Ringing out the best characteristics of coffee that can easily be brewed by any coffee maker.


08. Stephen Yau

roasting machine: Allio Bullet R1

rosating philosophy: 

To develop origin characteristics as much as possible.


09. Tam Kin Wing

roasting machine: 楊家飛馬 800N

rosating philosophy: Roasting is an art.


10. Lo Ka Lok

roasting machine: Fuji Royal - Coffee discovery

rosating philosophy: Balance

- Production Line Roaster -

01. Lam Tao Wong

company: Coffee Public Ltd

roasting machine: Probat Probatone 5kg

rosating philosophy:

Roasting have no form nor shade.It all depends on what the green bean is.


02. Tammy Lu

company: Cuppingroom coffee Roasters

roasting machine: Probat UG15

rosating philosophy:

Light roasting focusing on bright, sweet and clean coffee.


03. Nip Wai Lun

company: My Little Coffee

roasting machine: Trabattoni Impianti Torrefazione SNC 

rosating philosophy: 烘焙出甘而不苦的咖啡


04.Yip Sen Fung

company: The Coffee Academics

roasting machine: Giesen 15A

rosating philosophy: 將咖啡豆既風味最大呈現出來

05. Bryan Wu

company: Raku Coffee Roaster

roasting machine: Diedrich IR12

rosating philosophy: Make coffee simple and balance

06. Wong Wai Cheuk

company: Found Coffee Roastery

roasting machine: Probat UG15

rosating philosophy: 港式烘焙


07. Bosco Tai

company: Orli Coffeeworks 

roasting machine: Probat 12Kg

rosating philosophy:

Maximize the flavours and sweetness.


08. Leung Tak Hei

company: Return Coffee Roastery

roasting machine: Proaster THCR-03

rosating philosophy: Taste balance


09. Gary Au

company: Urban Coffee Roaster

roasting machine: Loring S15 Falcon

rosating philosophy: Clean, Sweet, Vibrant

10. Choi Yat Hing, Michael

company: Hands-On Coffee company ltd.

roasting machine: Proaster THCR-06

rosating philosophy:

Maximize coffee flavor. Balance and Clean cup

[REC] 2019 
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