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- 2017 -

  The very first time, participated in the World Barista Championship, took close to world class competitions at the scene in Seoul, South Korea. November 9, 2017. First round. Starting from 7:30 am., competitors are getting prepare for their “show” at the backstage preparation room.

10:00 am, Thailand - SRETTAKARN VEERAKULTEVON, the first competitor, set foot on this world stage.


National champion baristas from 58 countries, after a two-day compact preliminaries, 16 top-scored baristas to enter the final 6, within 15 minutes to show their evaluation of coffee enthusiasm, ideas and skills.

In the arena, before each competitor appeared, volunteers around the world cleaned the espresso machine in details and wiped out any stain.


Victoria Arduino had 2 engineers to inspect, maintain the espresso machines specified by the competition and adjust the position according to the requested upon the barista to ensure that the espresso machine is in the best condition.


Water quality is also a key factor, as Pentair has a professional filtration system in the backstage. Every day before the competition time, there are professionals for the water test index, up to competition standards, for four consecutive days of high quality filtered water.


Some national champions brought their own grinders to the convention, and MAHLKONIG also prepares 10 or more grinders to be used by the others in the competition.


Each World Barista Competition, in addition to competitors and volunteers, is also composed of judges from around the world. More than 70 judges scored for the winners of this year's World Champion Barista.


There is only one champion, however the one behind the trophy is not only the barista, but also the team and family.

The aim of the competition is to demonstrate the concept of sharing the platform with barista in other countries.


Hong Kong representative Kapo Chiu on the court fully demonstrated the concept of coffee, no longer valued the premise of the points, won the world title of third place. He deserves Hong Kong's coffee industry to be proud of him and look forward to Kapo's greater involvement and sharing of coffee culture in Hong Kong.

Dale Harris - making espresso & steam milk at same time

Miki Suzuki - "Time" setup section

Miki Suzuki - explain the espresso base

Kapo Chiu - checking the "black Eagle" at round 1

Dale Harris - milk beverage section

Champion: Dale Harris , United Kingdom

Farm: Finca Las Brumas, El Salvador

Varietal: SL28

Process: Washed

Grinder:  MAHLKÖNIG K30

1st runner-up: Miki Suzuki , Japan

Farm: Pedro Rodriguez Finca Alasitas, Bolivia

Varietal: Geisha

Grinder: MAHLKÖNIG EK43 x 2

PS. Double Grind technique

Coffee grind surface area 10% up

increase flavor, Sweetness & texture .

Freezing beans.

2nd runner-up: Kapo Chui , Hong Kong

Farm: Gesha Village Coffee Estate, Ethiopia

Varietal: Geisha 931

Process: Natural


Signature drink: Alcohol free gin & whisky 

4th place: Ben Put , Canada

Farm: El Volcan, Panama

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Washed & Experimental

Grinder: MAHLKÖNIG K30

PS. Kruve


5th place: Hugh Kelly , Australia

Farm: Finca Deborah, Panama

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Carbonic Maceration

Grinder: MAHLKÖNIG K30 & EK43

PS. Freezing beans technique.

Dry stream system: Milk Cloud

6th place: Kyle Ramage , USA

Farm: Finca Nuguo, Panama  

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Honey & Natural


PS. Freezing beans technique -79ºC.

Venue: CafeShow, COEX, Seoul

Date: 09-12 November 2017

Kapo Chiu - show my passion to judges

Ben Put - signature drink time.

Kyle Ramage - quick cleaning the porter filter

Hugh Kelly - Simle! Enjoy the milk coffee.

Srettakarn Veerakultev - day1 first national champion showtime

Martin Shabaya - "wild card" 16 semi-finalist

Victoria Arduino WBC support team 

Pentair water filter system for 4 day competition 

MAHLKÖNIG support EK43 & K30 grinder

WBC volunteer come from around the world

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