- CoffeeSock -
reusable organic cotton filter

CoffeeSock Co. is a family owned company.

All products are designed and handmade

by Corina and Robert Guillory in Austin, Texas.


After much research and development, material changes, and “scientific testing”,

They had a cloth Chemex style filter that is reusable, higher quality,

and less expensive than current market alternatives.


Subsequently they have created cotton filters for all popular, filtered brewing systems.

All of these filter styles have been tested and designed to ensure that they perform

as well as the commonly available alternatives.


They feel that every system filter style outperforms the alternatives,

while being less costly, and less wasteful.

London. New York. Paris

Specialty coffee map featuring of New York, Paris & London's leading coffee shops.

The map measures 700mm x 500mm and is printed on high quality recycled paper.

The cafes on the map are all independent and serving beans roasted by the city leading artisan roasters.