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World Barista Talk "NO BREW COFFEE" 
Kalle Freese
Sudden Coffee - Co Founder & CPO

Q: What is the idea invent Sudden Coffee or No Brew Coffee?

The idea of the Sudden Coffee is started about 2 years ago, when I knew that couple of people have kind of looking into it,

then I started think about how… I was thinking of a plan that I have a cup of coffee which existing really bad.


I was wondering how could I drink a good coffee here, and then brought “instant coffee” to my mind,

like, “Hey, what if there would be a way to make instant coffee about to taste good.”

And about one and half year ago, I started to looking to that more.


Q: How to keep the quality of coffee tasting better than better?

We have a group of internal quality control team to do most of the work.

We also have a group of about 100 customers who are puliactive, who we like to share the first coffee and ask for feedback.


Sometime we also do blind testing differently, which randomly asked people who actually drink speciality coffee to see how they like product. I think that really critical to do as well.


Q: Which country origin coffee select for make sudden coffee?

We’ve learned that Ethiopian coffee is work really well in Sudden, they are really fruity and really floral, very easily to

extract and work with. It is a flavour profile that we really prefer ourselves,so we’ve been working mainly with them.


We are testing out the variety about the other origins as well, like Honduran and Columbian coffee and so on.

I personally like Ethiopian, currently we are using Biftu Gudina from West of Ethiopia, which is an amazing producer.


Q: In the future, Sudden Coffee will have a cafe that only served No Brew coffee?

I think there is a huge opportunity in creating a coffee shop that basically just served Sudden coffee.

There are many benefit into that, you would’t need the same amount of equipments, you have much more shop that do lot higher volume, because coffee is already been brewed. You just make it with the liquid either milk or water, you can make a really nice cappuccino or latte by streaming it with milk. A lot more consistence. 


What really exciting about having a shop that mainly served only Sudden coffee is, you can look more on hospitality when you don’t have to focus on so much process. As a customers, I don’t really care if I get a batch brew or the coffee is Pour Over, what I care about is somebody nice at me, and I get a cup of good coffee.


Sudden would allow is that you can have a great coffee and than focus rather telling stories of the coffee or more the customers interaction. It is a better business model.


Q: What is your favorite hidden coffee shop or roaster in US and Finland?

In Finland, It called Good Life coffee roasters. Is my friend - Lauri Pipinen running for a couple years. I think they do a really great job. They were one of the most exciting roastery in Scandinavian right now.

In term of US roaster, there is small roastery in Portland called Roseline coffee roasters that I have’t tone of coffee firm but everything that have been very delicious. 

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Good Life Coffee Roasters

address: Kolmas Linja 17, Helsinki

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Roseline Coffee

address: 800 SE 10th Ave, 97214 Portland, United States

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Sudden Coffee


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